What Are You Growing?

A few weeks ago, my pastor started talking about growth. He mentioned that growth is not always a good thing, and it really struck me. We’re always taught that growth happens outside our comfort zones and while that might be true there are bad things that can grow. Tumors can get bigger, mold and mildew can grow, invasive species can grow and multiply throwing off the balance in a particular ecosystem. It really made me think about the ways in which I am growing in my life, and if there are any ways in which I am growing negatively?

            I’ve shared my fibroid journey and the steps I took to try and manage my health prior to getting surgery. Since my surgery, I have tried to maintain my health by exercise and watching my diet. After my surgery I lost almost 30 pounds in addition to the 10 I had lost prior to. For the past few months, I haven’t been watching my diet as closely and have gained back some weight. While I don’t mind the extra weight, my main concern is that I am putting my body back into an environment which will allow for the fibroids to come back sooner. I’m growing, but it’s not positive.

            Negative growth in our lives can often be attributed to staying in our comfort zones. I’ve gotten complacent with my diet because it’s comfortable for me to eat sweets and go back to the lifestyle that I knew prior to my surgery. Sleeping in and not exercising is easier than waking up early and getting my workout done for the day. It’s comfortable, it’s what I know and it’s what is the easiest for me. But I will never be the best, healthiest version of myself if I continue to do what is natural for me. I will never achieve positive growth and change by remaining stagnant.

            As we head into fall and the world around us begins to turn inward, I would ask you to reflect on the ways in which you are growing and if there is any negative growth in your life? It could be a relationship that you have maintained, and it might have grown, but it’s not right for you? It could be an unhealthy habit that has gotten worse. And once you find that area, plan for how you will address this negative growth in your life. Unfortunately, negative growth usually always must be removed for the good to start thriving again. But it’s so much sweeter on the other side.


  1. Thanks for this great reflection and encouragement. Very timely, too! The blessing of good health is maintained by everyday actions, one step at a time.

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