Thanks, B.

Last week, Queen Bey blessed us with a whole documentary and album drop from her historical Coachella performance. I had a very long weekend, and week so far which means that I have yet to watch the film but have heard wonderful things about it. I wouldn’t say that I’m a part of the BeyHive, but I do respect Beyonce for her talent and dedication. But most importantly for how she embraces and celebrates being a black woman. Not many artists can make us feel so proud of being black and are so thoughtful in the way that they tell the black story.

As I was scrolling through IG, I stopped on someone’s story where they mention that while they respect Beyonce for her dedication and drive, the clothing that she wears continues to perpetuate the sexualized environment that exists in society. Beyonce is a performer and performers limit their clothing in part because it’s easier to move around without your movements constricted. But I have to wonder  is this argument because of the clothing or because Beyonce is black? Are we making the same argument against Lady Gaga or against ballerinas? Or does it not matter because Lady Gaga is white and ballet is predominately white?

After Lemonade was released, numerous think pieces were written about the content and the imagery behind the music and the film.  It was a visual masterpiece that not only celebrated black women but showcased our beauty and resilience to the world. In this day and age of ally ship, there is no better example of being an ally and understanding that this might have nothing to do with you. We’re not asking for anyone to like the content, or understand it, but just to respect it. Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion, ,but sometimes being an ally is embracing the fact that something might be bigger than you. Understanding that sometimes just standing respectfully in the corner observing is what is required of you.

This argument puts the blame of oversexualizing women on them. This is not where the blame lies, but in society as whole. It’s an odd argument considering that you would never blame racism on the group that is discriminated against, yet women are somehow entirely responsible for the way in which society views us.  While we can work to fix this issue, we can’t be held responsible for the problem itself.

As a black woman living in today’s world being proud of who I am is a feat unto itself.  Beyonce has helped to make this a little bit easier, not just by embracing who she is, but by encouraging us to embrace ourselves.  “ In a society that profits from your self- doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act.”


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