Don’t Let Your Roots Keep You Stuck

As we head into the summer, it’s that time again: repotting of my plants. I have three plants that need a new home: my Poinsettia, my Rattlensake plant, and my Philodendron. My snake plant also needs some tending to and after literally not growing for almost a year, there are finally some new leaves sprouting. Last year when I repotted my plants, I reused some old planters and bought some pretty new planters that didn’t have drainage holes. Pro-Tip: Always get a planter with drainage holes, no matter how pretty they are.  This lack of drainage led to the death of my first Poinsettia, and has caused mildew to grow on the top layer of soil of my philodendron.  As I worked to remove my philodendron from its soil, I was surprised to see how strong the root system and how it resistant it was to move to its new home. 

            I had been having issues with my philodendron for a few months now, it was growing and then it reached a point where the growth stopped. I knew it was because of the soil, and would remove the affected soil whenever possible. But I was surprised to see how the plant had adapted to its environment even though it was in an environment that was not suitable for its growth.  It made me think, how many times do we let our comfort level determine our growth?

            I started a new job in January of this year, and it has been such a refreshing change from my former place of employment. Not just in terms of a salary, but the work I’m doing and more importantly the people I’m working with. I left an employer who had allowed and created a toxic and demeaning work environment that was compounded with low pay and poor benefits. I had been looking for a new job for well over a year, but had to take a break when the pandemic hit. When I was finally offered a new job, I was excited but also nervous. See the world that I knew, even though I was deeply unhappy was comfortable for me. Like my plant, I had developed roots and even though I was no longer growing, I was hesitant to change. 

            But we’ve all heard the adage that growth happens outside of your comfort zone. And even though it’s only been 5 months, I can’t begin to describe how my new job has not only benefitted me professionally, and financially but has allowed for growth in my mental and emotional well-being.  Why are we so resistant to change? Because it’s the unknown. What if I fail? What if it’s worse than what I already have? What if I’m not as qualified as they think I am? The truth is we will never know until we try, but we do know that what we have is no longer working. I wonder how many of us have developed roots, and are unable to make the necessary changes because we’re comfortable?  My greatest regrets are centered around the environments that I allowed myself to stay in, because I was too comfortable. 

            It’s only been a few days since I repotted my philodendron, and I can already see the change in her growth and some new leaves sprouting. And like my philondendron, I look forward to seeing the growth in my own life as I step outside of my comfort zone and plant new roots.

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