Are You in the Right Soil?

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about some of the wisdom I’ve gained from my plants over these past few months in quarantine. I received a lot of positive feedback on that post and wanted to follow up and provide an update on my plants. Since that post, two of my plants have died. It is sad but my potted pink plant was drooping when I returned from Florida in July. I watered it and the leaves came back, but once I replanted it, it never thrived so I had to let it go. Also, I was given a succulent as a gift and most of the leaves had fallen off in transit. I followed the directions online and gave it water sparingly and lots of sunlight but all the leaves kept shriveling up and dying. Even the new leaves, so I also let it go. My other five plants are doing well. They’re all in their new pots with more room to grow, but when I repotted them I bought cactus and succulent mix because the bag was small and I was too lazy to bring the big potting mix home. I thought soil is soil; I was wrong. 

            Not all soil is the same and not all environments are the best ones for us. Yes, my plants are growing new leaves and they seem to be doing well, but on theplants, that are not cacti or succulents mildew is growing on the top of the soil when I water them, because the soil is not meant for so much watering. We often think that if a flower doesn’t bloom that something is wrong with the flower, but most times something is wrong with the environment. Too much sunlight, not enough sunlight, too much water, not enough water, or maybe we need to add fertilizer. It’s made me think of the environments that we often find ourselves in, and even though we are receiving water and sunlight our environments are still not the right fit. 

            We might think a job is a job and I need a paycheck, or a relationship is never perfect so even if we’re not truly happy we’ll get there. And we continue to water the situation, and while we might grow, there’s a little mildew at the top. We’re not energized, we’re not vibrant, we’re just sort of going through the motions. If this is you, please know that you are not alone. I am right there with you, and have been trying to use this time at home to find out what makes the best environment for me. What are the elements in my life that need to be combined for me to grow to my full potential? Maybe it’s more exercise, or maybe I need to reevaluate how I look at love so that I can find love? What causes me to overeat sugar? Is it stress? Is it being exhausted? What does the best environment for me even look like? Because it will look different for all of us. 

            In terms of my plants, I need to go and buy new soil for them. I have been adding baking soda to the soil which is supposed to help with the mildew, but I will have to buy the soil and repot them. Which might cause some trauma to them being repotted again, but when we put ourselves in situations not meant for us, it always causes some trauma. Sometimes this trauma shows up right away or sometimes it only shows up after we try to turn the bad situation into something positive. As we are heading into the Fall and we begin to feel cozier and want to begin hibernating, this is the perfect time to look around and see what changes you need to make your soil. You might begin to see mildew that you didn’t even know was there.   


  1. You are really insightful! This is good really stuff. I know you will seek and find the right new soil for your plants and yourself. ☺

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