Losing Your Job; Finding Yourself

I’ve mentioned on several occasions that I have a full-time job and a part-time job. Working both has been tiring and exhausting and I have been praying on a solution. Well at the end of last month, I got a solution just not maybe the one I was hoping for. I was fired from my part-time job. I wasn’t selling enough packages during my shift, and even though I was excellent at everything else money is often put above people and I was let go.

At first, I was very upset. I have never been fired before and was shocked. I was also hurt because the company that I had been working for, for over a year didn’t see the value I was bringing unless there is money attached to it. It’s been a few weeks since I was let go and I’ve learned some lessons that I wanted to share with anyone who might be going through something similar:

  1. Allow yourself to feel exactly how you feel: When I first told a couple of people, their initial response was that I would be ok and this opened other doors for me. Both of those statements were true, but losing a job means losing a source of income. So, the thoughts running through my mind were how will I be able to pay my bills when I am barely making ends meet with my full-time job? I was angry and embarrassed. These are valid feelings, and however, you feel is how you feel. Those feelings will change over time, but don’t try to suppress them.
  2. Reflect on your own performance at the workplace: Once the anger subsidized, I could look at how I had done my job and I realized that I did my job to the best of my ability. Sales are not a sure thing, and there are a lot of factors into why I couldn’t sell as much as other people. But I know that I did my best with the tools I was given, and if that was the only reason they could have for firing me then I accept it.
  3. Understand that you might be better off: Though I enjoyed my coworkers and my job wasn’t difficult, I had been feeling as though people in my position were expendable and not truly valued. Once I was let go, I could see that my feelings were correct. A company is made of people and if where you are working cannot see the value you bring outside of a dollar sign then that is probably not the place where you will feel safe and grow. I wasn’t valued as an employee and shouldn’t have stayed once I saw that.
  4. Ask yourself what doors this can open: Pretty soon after I was let go, I realized that I would now have more time to myself. Yes, my income would be less, but I would have more time to devote to the dreams that I had been putting off. So often we are in survival mode that we don’t see we’re not thriving. We get into the pattern of making money and thinking this is enough. Sometimes life has to shut doors for us in order for us to force others open.

I’ve been batching my blog posts so I wrote this at the beginning of the month before the Coronavirus had such a huge impact on our lives.  I do know that many people have been laid off and do not know how they are going to survive. I also know that as of this moment I am coming from a place of privilege because I am still employed full-time and am able to work from home.  For those of you who are going through this, I am sorry, but I am believing that God works everything out for our good.  What looks like an obstacle is nothing to him.

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