Your Bitterness Won’t Ruin My Honey Pot

Last month, to celebrate Black History Month Target released a short video highlighting the founder behind the brand The Honey pot. The Honey pot sells natural feminine products and the founder; Beatrice Nixon is a black woman. In the video, she noted how partnering with Target has helped her company, the support that they provided, and how as a woman of color she hopes that her story inspires other Black girls to start companies too.  Unfortunately, because people love to dull someone else’s shine after this video was released, all hell broke loose. White women were up in arms because they feel that Target is supporting racism since Beatrice Nixon only said Black girls.

I don’t quite understand how wanting to be an inspiration for young children that look like you is racist. Beatrice Nixon never said that her products were only for Black women. She said that she hopes Black girls are inspired to know that they can do this too. Starting a business as a woman of color is not a small feat; we receive far less funding even though we are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs. Imagine being so thin-skinned that when something is not about you, you perceive it as a threat. So many people have bought into this idea that it’s either them or us. But that’s not the case. Just because I have my food on my plate doesn’t mean that you have to starve.

In all honesty, I think the backlash boiled down to some white consumers not wanting to support a black-owned brand and used this as their out. Hatred says more about those that are hating than the ones they hate. Target supporting a Black-owned brand by an owner who is proud to be Black is not supporting racism. It’s supporting a world that is increasingly becoming more diverse. It’s an interesting paradox that white women tend to talk a lot about inclusivity and having a seat at the table, but I guess it’s only if they are the ones sitting.  Beatrice Nixon hoping that Black girls will be inspired by her creates the belief that there will be more Beatrice Nixon’s at the table; nothing scares racists more than the realization that there will be fewer of them on top than before.

As of last week, Beatrice Nixon said that she has seen an increase in sales of up to 40% to 50%. I hope that Honey Pot continues to see growth and success. I also hope that there are Black girls looking at her and thinking, if she can do it then so can I. Because you can!

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