Six Gifts for Those You Love

It’s officially Christmas season! I love the Holidays and actually love Christmas shopping. I just really love shopping, so any excuse to do it makes me happy. As many of us are in full shopping mode, I wanted to give you some great gift ideas for those on your list!


  1. A Weighted Blanket: This is a pretty hot item this Christmas. I’ve been told by two different colleagues about how much they love their weighted blankets and the difference it’s made in their sleep patterns. The benefits of a weighted blanket are that they help to combat anxiety and help you sleep deeper for longer. The idea is that the weight helps to provide some pressure and weight simulating the same feeling of getting a hug or being held. This item is actually on my Christmas list for 2019.  Here is one from Target with excellent reviews for $40. 



weighted blanket

  1. Reusable utensils for lunch: One of my aunts, bought me a set of reusable utensils a few years ago and I carry them with my lunch. It’s a great way to cut down on the amount of waste I produce.  . Here is one on Amazon for $7



Utensil Kit


  1. A slow cooker: One of my favorite and most used items in my apartment is my slow cooker. I bought it last year for $10 on Black Friday and it makes cooking a breeze. I would highly recommend this as a gift to the budding chef on your list!      This is the same one that I have and I love it!


Slow Cooker



  1. Children of Virtue and Vengeance by Tomi Adeyemi & The Water Dancer by Ta-Nehsi Coates: These two highly anticipated books have been released this fall and they are both on my Christmas list. I recently finished the first installment in the Legacy of Orisha trilogy, Children of Blood and Bone. It was amazing, to put it mildly. Both of these books are available on Amazon.





  1. An Electric Wine Opener: This was given to me as a gift after my best friend saw me struggle to open a bottle of wine with a regular corkscrew (lol). I don’t drink as much wine as I used to, but this is a life-saver and it’s honestly so much fun to use! This is same one my friend gave me.


Wine opener



These are just a few items to help you get started with your gift giving this holiday season! Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!







weighted blanket

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