Reiki: Yay or Nah?

I highlighted my 30th birthday last month, but today I wanted to highlight something different that I did to celebrate: I had my first Reiki Session. Reiki is a form of alternative medicine that seeks to bring physical and mental healing through the movement of energy. A couple of my coworkers had done a session and I was intrigued. As someone who was raised in a very strong Christian home, I am often very skeptical of alternative medicinal treatments. I was diagnosed with fibroids years ago, and after my annual exam this year surgery was recommended as a treatment option since they have gotten significantly worse. I have recently started getting acupuncture and decided to do some research into Reiki and discovered that it is an alternative treatment for fibroids.

I found a practitioner at HealHaus in Brooklyn and made an appointment with, Carmen Mayes, the day before my birthday. I went in with no expectations. The session started with some kind of card reading, and I was a little worried that it was a tarot card reading, but it’s words instead of pictures. Each word aligning to one of my seven chakras. My words were Spirituality, Love/Partnerships, Support, Pride, and Perseverance. Pride was located in my root chakra and Carmen said that it was the feeling of not being enough and the sense of existing and not living. This revelation was crazy to me because I had been feeling that exact feeling of surviving and not thriving.

The actual healing part of the session lasted for maybe 45 minutes. I laid down on the table with soft music in the background. Carmen would place her hands on my chakras or above my chakra. It did feel a little odd, but not uncomfortable. When she got to my abdomen or my root chakra, I started breathing very heavily. After my session was done she asked me how I felt, and I noted the difference once she got to my stomach. She did say that there was a lot of blocked energy in my abdomen as well as in my throat which could be caused by stifling my creativity.  She noted that I might be emotional for the next 48 hours which is totally normal as the energy is still shifting in my body, and to journal any emotions that may come up, as well as to stay hydrated.

In the days that followed, I didn’t feel more emotional than usual, but I did sit and journal right after my session. I wanted to express the raw emotions that I was feeling.  Alternative medicine believes that fibroids are caused by blockages in energy and are often based on physical and emotional issues.   Within the next two days, I started my period and honestly it was one of the easiest periods I have had in years. Not a lot of discomfort, cramps, or irritability.  I do know that after I did acupuncture I noticed a huge difference in my cycle and believe that Reiki had the same affect. Sessions are about a $100 for the hour and unfortunately alternative medicine is not covered by most insurance so I would be paying out of pocket for each session. I do hope to go back and maybe start going once a month or once every other month. I believe that there are so many ailments that can be treated with alternative medicine, we just have to dig a little deeper.

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