I Might Spend Less Cash if I Saw Harriet’s Face Looking Back at Me

In 2016, the Treasury Department asked the public to vote on the redesign of new currency. The $5, $10, and $20-dollar bills were getting facelifts in order to combat counterfeit money. The public voted that Harriet Tubman would be the person to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20-dollar bill. This is an amazing honor and Harriet Tubman would be the only woman to be featured on our currency. The new changes were expected to be rolled out by 2020 to coincide with the 100thuniverse of the 19thamendment, which gave woman the right vote.

However, our new Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has reported that this change will not take effect until 2028. Over ten years from when the Treasury Department first announced the changes. The changes to the $10- and $5-dollar bills would come out first. The reason for this delay is because of issues with making sure the money can not be counterfeit. But if you can get the other bills out, why can’t you make the same adjustments to the $20-dollar bill at the same time?

Well, when these changes were first reported, not yet elected President Trump said that putting Tubman on the $20 was “political correctness” and she should be put on the $2-dollar bill instead. But $2-dollar bills are not widely used in circulation. You have to go into a bank and ask for them. What the President is really saying, is that a Black woman, a former slave should not be front and center on a bill that we use every day.  This is insulting to the memory and legacy of Harriet Tubman and also to all the Americans who voted to have her on the $20-dollar bill.

The Treasury department will now open an investigation into this lengthy delay after the backlash. Many think that the delay is political because the President did not want Harriet Tubman on the $20-dollar bill and it might upset his base if the change is made before next year’s election. But there are some things that are supposed to happen regardless of political affiliation. The Treasury Department’s investigation is supposed to take up to 10 months.

I would love in my  lifetime to be able to see a black woman on our currency. I remember voting for Harriet Tubman during the treasury’s poll, and was ecstatic that she won the most votes. It saddens me that our current administration turns EVERYTHING into a political stunt and that something that we should all be able to support has turned into another political show.  I also think I might be more inclined to spend my cash less foolishly if I saw Harriet Tubman’s face judging me; “no, child you do not need that donut. You have food at home. “” You’re right, Ma’am.”” I do.”


  1. I’m in full agreement with you.  And love the anecdote at the end.  It made me LOL.

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