Six Ways I practice Self-Care

Happy February! The second month of the year is all about love: loving others, loving ourselves, loving this world that we live in.  As we celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, I wanted to highlight the ways in which I practice self-care. To me self-care means taking care of the most important relationship that I will ever have: the one with myself. Self-care can include the practices that let me show myself a little extra love as well as the practices that keep me sane. It doesn’t have to be something you do every day, you just have to find what works best for your schedule.

  1. I meal prep every week:I’ve discovered that if I have food already prepared I’m less inclined to buy food and spend money that I do not have. I have a slow cooker which is a life saver, and my mom recently bought me an air fryer for Christmas. These two appliances help me to cut down on actual cooking time, and with my slow cooker I can put something to cook and come home to a fully made meal. I normally prep for all 3 meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It takes me about an hour on either Saturday or Sunday depending on what my schedule allows.
  2. I do a mask and lip scrub on Sunday evenings:I used to take a lot of time on my skincare when I was younger, but as I’ve gotten older my schedule has gotten crazier and I’ve fallen off. One of my resolutions has been to make a mask and lip scrub part of my weekly routine. I’ve currently been using a lip scrub and mask from Lush.
  3. I journal and have my devotions every day:I have been using a journal since I was 11 and have saved all of them. I love them because it’s a way for me to chronicle my own life, and when I go back and read them it’s good to see how far I have come. I usually journal at night, but if I get home too late and I’m too tired I will do it in the morning. It helps me to have a safe place to get down all my thoughts and worries.
  4. I have been coloring in a coloring book:My friend recently gave me a prayer coloring book, and I have been using it almost every day. I love it and use it after I journal and have my devotions. If it’s not a coloring book, try and find another way to let your creativity flow. It’s so easy to come home and binge watch another show without taking the time to let your mind have a rest.
  5. Exercise: This is the one I struggle with the most. It’s just so easy to stay cuddled up in my bed, but no sweat no gain. My go-to exercises are yoga, Barre, and spin. My goal is to get to three times a week. I’m still trying to find the time of the day that works best for me.
  6. I listen to what my body needs:I have started letting my body dictate what it needs because sometimes it knows more than we do. If I wake up and am too tired to exercise or finish the to-do list for the day then I don’t. It’s taken me a long time to see that I tend to keep myself busy and it’s to the detriment of my own self. I’ve started putting my needs and my wants before anything else. It’s been a struggle, ,but I also think it’s helping me to become more in-tune to who I am. Some days I do have to push past my body, but for the most part I allow myself a little leeway which I never did before.

Taking care of yourself is important, and don’t ever allow yourself to feel guilty or be made to feel guilty for practicing self-care. What ways do you practice self-care? Let me know in the comments below!

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