It’s a No to Kavanaugh

Twenty-seven years ago, the country watched as a woman named Anita Hill told her testimony in front of a Senate committee as she recounted her harrowing experience of sexual harassment by Supreme Court Nominee, Clarence Thomas. Today, September 27th, 2018 another woman named Doctor Christine Ford will testify in front of another Senate committee to recount her experience of being sexually assaulted by Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Even as more women have come forward to accuse Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault (three as of the time of this posting) he continues to deny the accusations against him. He has the full support of the White House and for the most part the Republican party, who is more worried about losing in the Mid-Term elections than doing what is morally right. The accusations against Judge Kavanaugh are disgraceful and despicable; unfortunately, it has turned into he said/she said. It has taken great courage for these women to come forward and I believe them. Kavanaugh has no choice to deny the accusations because there is no scenario where he could accept guilt and not destroy his life in the process.

Many people are having a hard time accepting these stories happened over 30 years ago. I don’t doubt that Mr. Kavanaugh was the type of student who partied hard. I also don’t doubt that he might not be that man anymore. I have gone to both high school and college with those types of students. The students that were drunk every single weekend were known not only to their fellow students, but also to the faculty and other parents as well.  They are also the same people that I see on Facebook with jobs, and families. We’re no longer stupid kids. But I can also remember the stories I heard about them if you asked. It’s not a hard stretch to imagine that someone can be both an ass and a devoted family man.

As a young woman, I have an issue with a Supreme Court Justice who was unable to definitively say how he felt about Roe V. Wade, about affirmative action, about issues that truly matter to me. I knew that he was going to get appointed because the Republicans want this win before November. I can only pray that no other justices suddenly get the urge to retire. For some it might seem that these allegations came about very quickly, but this whole process moved very quickly. I fear that the Republican party will find a way to appoint Brett Kavanaugh and we will be stuck. Brett Kavanaugh doesn’t deserve to sit on the Supreme Court. He doesn’t deserve to sit on anyone’s court. The Republican party should honestly be ashamed of themselves for being so power-hungry that they ignore right from wrong.   During his confirmation hearing, Kavanaugh showed that he lacked integrity. These accusations show that he does not respect women. As a Supreme Court Justice, he does not deserve to make decisions that will impact generations to come.

I am so sorry that Dr. Ford has had to go through this horrible ordeal first in high school, and again as she has to recount her story over and over again. I’m so sorry that Ms. Ramirez was assaulted and humiliated in this way.  I’m so sorry that Julie Swetnick was viscously gang-raped by a group of her peers. I’m also sorry for all the sexual assault victims who have been retriggered by these stories. I stand by these women and I support them. I’m so sorry that we live in a country where their representatives don’t.

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